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Daycare Rates

Multi-Pet discount of 10% on 2nd, 3rd, 4th pet(s)                                

Daycare ½ day (up to 6 hrs)    $15
Daycare 1 full day                     $22      
10 Day Daycare Pass               $20 per day
20 Day Daycare Pass              $18 per day
30 Day Daycare Pass              $17 per day

Please ask about our Daycare and Train packages!

Passes do not have a expiration date and our sytem will keep track of your balance. 

New exciting Lodging and Activity Packages coming April 15, 2018!

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Coming April 2018 - Puppy Tubs will introduce exciting new activity packages for our lodging guests. Pet Parents will be able to customize their stay with us with fun activities like group play, cuddle time, 1 on 1 play with a Pet Care Professional, fresh baked homemade treats, bedding upgrades, daily pictures and report cards, grooming services and more! Your pet will have an experience that is tailored to their needs! We will also have special packages for Puppies and Senior dogs who both need an extra level of care and attention. Don't forget to ask about our Board and Train options.


New Customer Introduction Socialization & Enrollment

 ½ to 1 full day daycare:     $FREE!

Call 678-364-9663 for Reservations